How To Remove Toxic People From Your Life That Cause You Stress

Stressed? Have you found the cause to be just one person? While there are a lot of ways to handle the stress that comes at you, there are some instances where you need to cut it off at the source. Unfortunately, this sometimes means finding people that tend to add more stress to your life and severely reducing contact with them. Once you learn how to remove toxic people from your life, you can move on to a happier you.

How to Remove Toxic People From Your Life

Remove a Toxic Person From Your Life by Identifying Them First

When you have a lot of stress in your life, you are often given the advice to figure out exactly what is causing it. Whether you journal, meditate, or see a professional, identification is key to knowing if you need to remove toxic people from your life. The simplest way is usually journalling, start recording your stress events in a journal and describe what was going on at the time. Perhaps you find that every time a certain friend calls you for help, you tend to feel the stress creeping up.

You can’t always eliminate all sources of stress, but this does help you identify certain things (or people) that you might need to reduce contact with.

Just say no to the drama…

This includes when you believe someone in your life is adding to your stress levels. This doesn’t mean a teenager going through a phase that is causing stress. It is more about someone who doesn’t need to be quite as involved in your life as they are. This would be someone that just makes you feel worse on a regular basis. It might be a co-worker, neighbor, distant relative, or a friend that always seems to involve you in their drama.

Be Open and Honest With the Toxic Person In Your Life

Once you know who it is, you can then think about how to confront them with your issues. This is optional, as you have the freedom to go straight to reducing contact with them right away. However, if it is someone you have to see every day, such as your co-worker, then communicating with them is best.

Honesty is key…

Remember that stress can really affect your physical and emotional wellbeing, so it is important that you take that next step to talk to them about it. Perhaps they didn’t realize what they were doing or saying was causing stress in your life, so it just takes being honest with them for things to change.

Cut Off Ties with Toxic People if Necessary

If honesty doesn’t work, it may be time to cut off ties with them. Some people you can probably cut off contact almost completely, while others are a little more difficult.

Where to Start When Cutting Off Toxic People In Your Life

Just slowly start distancing yourself away, spending more time with friends and family that don’t cause you added stress. Stop helping friends that are constantly in need of favors and don’t answer the phone is someone calls who always tends to exacerbate your stress levels. It may be difficult at first to remove toxic people from your life, but with practice you can get better at avoiding them and improving your health.