Are You A Stressed Out Stay At Home Mom? You’re Not Alone

You must have SO much free time? It must be so easy! What do you do all day? As a stressed out stay at home mom, sometimes you just feel like screaming. Stress is so common and often a regular part of a mom’s life that we don’t always realize when we are suffering from stress. As a stay at home mom, there are both mental and physical signs of stress that you should be aware of. As well as the best stress management skills to reduce stress.

Stressed Out Stay At Home Mom

Emotional Signs Of A Stressed Out Stay At Home Mom

You’re a mom, so sometimes you just might be emotional. So what! Your emotional state is very closely related to your level of stress, and is often what someone notices first when they are wondering if they have too much stress.

You might feel overwhelmed and like you don’t have full control over your life, feel all alone, or you could have extremely low self-esteem and depression. If you find that you can’t emotionally handle others, you can’t quiet your mind’s racing thoughts, or you keep getting agitated with others, that might also be from a heightened stress level. And let’s face it, being a mom is stressful, even under the best of circumstances.

Physical Changes Of A Stressed Out Stay At Home Mom

Your body can tell you a lot based on your ailments, and not just due to having a physical condition. It might also be telling you that you are too stressed out and that needs to be addressed. Pay attention so you will know what’s normal versus some new problem.

For example, if you notice that you have more or less of an appetite than you used to, you can’t sleep well, or you have been gaining or losing gaining weight, those are physical signs of stress. You may also have skin changes like intestinal problems, adult acne, irregular menstrual cycles, or sexual dysfunction.

Behavioral Changes Of A Stressed Out Stay At Home Mom

You should also pay close attention to your behavior and how it might be changing from day to day. You may find that you are suddenly using substances to cover up the negative emotions or overwhelming mental state, such as smoking cigarettes, drinking more heavily, or experimenting with drugs.

Other signs could be you lashing out at you children or partner, becoming angry, or procrastinating a lot could also be signs of stress. You may also be fidgeting or biting your nails, which are often associated with being stressed out.

Mental and Cognitive Symptoms Of A Stressed Out Stay At Home Mom

Cognitive signs are related to your mental state, which are sometimes confused with emotional symptoms, but can also be related to them. For example, if you suddenly have poor judgment and are making bad decisions at work or in your personal life, that might be related to your cognitive function.

Your memory loss could be something else…

Stress can also cause poor memory and sudden disorganization where it wasn’t a problem previously in your life. You could have racing thoughts, constant worrying and anxiety, or not being able to focus much on tasks.

Tired, Crazy, Stressed Out Stay At Home Mom 

These are just some of the many signs of stress you may be exhibiting as a stay at home mom. If you are thinking or feeling anything strange, it is worth asking your doctor about.