Stress Management Activities: Healthy Lifestyle Strategies for a Stress Free You

Looking for healthy way to manage your stress? Managing stress is sometimes not about simply finding ways to relax, but changing your daily to day lifestyle. By slowly making healthy changes, you can reduce your overall stress. Finding healthy stress management activities you can use daily work better than looking for relief only when the stress gets bad.

Stress Management Activities - Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Here are some different healthy lifestyle changes to consider making in order to manage your chronic stress.

Stress Management Activity: Try to Get Enough Sleep

Stress can cause problems with your sleep, but lack of sleep also leads to more stress. Since it works both ways, it is essential that you focus on getting 6-8 hours of sleep each night. You want to have your sleep as interrupted as possible in order to get into a deep REM sleep. This is important for proper cognitive function and can also help reduce your stress levels naturally.

Tips for getting better sleep:

  • Don’t bring your cell phone into your bedroom
  • Buy a better mattress
  • Sleep when your kids are asleep
  • Develop a sleeping routine in the evening
  • Keep the television turned off

Stress Management Activity: Eat A Healthy Diet

Feeding your body healthy foods increases your nutrients. Many of these nutrients can help you relieve your stress levels. Vitamins and minerals like vitamin B and folate can trigger melatonin and other happy chemicals in your brain and body in order to feel happier and relax your mind.

Sugars like sodas and cake can have a harmful effect on the body, so avoiding them during high stress times if beneficial to your body. Stress management activities will go a long way in a proper, healthy life.

Stress Management Activity: Get Organized

Organizing your life is also important if you want to make healthy lifestyle changes. The more organized you are in your daily home and work life, the less stress you will experience overall. Knowing where to find your things will ease your mind.

You may get stressed out at work because your files are in a disarray and your desk is filled with paperwork and folders. Heading to the office supply store to get some boxes and bins will help you organize your office. Get organized at home too! Organizing your living room, home office, bedroom, kitchen, and other spaces that seem a little bit chaotic.

Stress Management Activity: Stay Active

Physical activity is often recommended for many different problems, such as anxiety and depression, and for good reason. It also helps with stress tremendously.

When you workout regularly, you distract your mind from worries, have better relaxation, and release endorphins to feel happier and more energized throughout the day. You don’t need to go for a run every morning either; something as simple as walking your dog or using your backyard pool more often can be helpful.

A good healthy lifestyle change to make is by getting your body moving more.